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Shinetech Industries

Our understanding of key industries enables us to work intelligently with each client. We tailor
our services to achieve the best results.
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Our customers’ industries are at the core of global progression. Developing systems for better banking and enabling
healthcare providers to deliver advanced services, our collaborations drive innovation.
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The world's leading companies, startups, innovative entrepreneurs and incubators.

Track Day Genius

An intuitive lap timer coupled with clever data logging features to enhance the on-track performance through learning & sharing.

  • Data and performance report playback

  • 500+ racetracks around the world in the database

  • Engage in a social hub with your track day buddies


Digital portable guidebooks tailored for hunting in Austria area.

  • An app integrating all data required for hunting

  • Offline updates on a regular basis

Live Play Golf

Portable, quick and easy live scoring system designed for golfers, clubs & society organisers.

  • Live scoring from start to end of a match

  • Automatically calculates handicap stroke

  • Automatically updated live leaderboard

Australian Farm

An advanced dispatching system that helps clients achieve real-time task tracking, machines’ GIS information sharing and fast data reporting.

  • An intelligent system featuring full automation streamlined workflow

  • Integrate real-time meteorological data into the web-based system

European Bus Company

An 100% automation of current business processes with an integrated operating system.

  • Integrate numerous modules such as dispatch centre and route management

  • Assign drivers more efficiently and achieve real-time business inspection

IFX Markets

Simply useful trading mobile application to trade and research.

  • Provide current financial world and company news and events

  • Simple navigation, real-time updates, and enriched content from IFX market data feed


Depending on your requirements, the contract can be project-based, prioritized user story-based and workload-based. All types of contract can be cancelled within 10 working days if you are not satisfied with our performance or staff.

We commit to 100% on-time project delivery. You can request compensation if your project does not go-live according to the schedule set in the contract.

Our competitive rates, together with high successful rate of project delivery ensure that you can benefit from our high quality deliverables in a cost-efficient way.

A free consultation with our industry specialist is available. We will respond within one business day with a further evaluation regarding your requirements.

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