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Full Stack Development

Taking advantage of opportunities and challenges at today’s business velocity requires technology that can quickly evolve and adapt. That’s why we offer the skills and end-to-end development solutions that will help you achieve your business goals and boost productivity in the shortest possible timeframe. By incorporating the agile principles of “build, analyze, learn and improve” into our methodology, we ensure your business benefits from our technology stack and bespoke digital solutions.

Build a team with full stack capability and expertise to quickly reach your business objectives.

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Shinetech Full Stack Development

Our developers and consultants are experts in their technical domain, with at least 10 years of experience in all stages of the software development life cycle. They will guide you in selecting the right technology platform and carry it through from conception to final delivery. Having worked with clients across various industries, our teams can quickly grasp your business and ensure a scalable, reliable and easy-to-maintain solution tailored to your needs.

Our development cycle prioritizes requirements into multiple iterations that have comparably short development times. In addition to following best practices and utilizing the latest development techniques, we will frequently review all progress with you and deliver usable, tested pieces of software per iteration. The process is completely transparent and changes can be quickly incorporated into the backlog.

Full Stack Overview

Solutions We Deliver

Real-time Web Applications

As Node.js is a good choice for an application that has a high volume of short messages that require low latency, it fits for those applications that require real-time collaborative drawing/editing-types and simultaneous throughput.

Social Network & Community & Collaboration Platform

We understand that an eye-catchy design, together with a great user experience contributes to boosting web traffic and help drive on-site conversions. Based on your business objectives and target audience, we can design and develop a website reaching your specific needs.

Website with Controlling Displayed Content

Our solutions are based on real-time data communication from the backend to display applications. They have seamless cross-platform integration between the backend, mobile application, and desktop application, allowing users to pre-schedule, upload and present content to be displayed at certain screens immediately.

Front-end Web Development

A functional, easy-to-use interface will support your brand value and guide them through the desired business process. Our experienced front-end developers can ensure your web app or website is responsive and user-focused across all different browsers and devices. By putting ourselves in your users’ shoes and tapping user experience acumen into product development, the websites we developed not only generate large volume of traffic but also boost the on-site conversions.

Back-end Development

We have extensive experience modern cloud based services. In backend development our goal is high availability and scalability and our full-stack engineer can often do architecture migration and refactoring to optimize the performance. All web and mobile applications benefit from a stable and fast backend that also support business growth. We always aim to make it the best fit for your needs.


A great web product might offer services that are used in many applications. That’s why we consider the integrations already in the development phase. It will not only ensure better service experience for users but also can reduce the development time. From social media login to CRM integration, we use a modular design and common structures, making also less complex for the integration work.

Our Development Process

We primarily use Agile methodologies unless clients have specific project management and development styles they prefer to use. In Agile development the requirements are prioritized into multiple iterations, sprints that have comparably short development cycles and deliver usable, tested pieces of software per iteration.

Why Shinetech Full Stack Developer

100+ Front-end Development Framework
Server Support
250+ Full Stack Developers
Faster Development Cycle
Transparent Process
Flexible team structure
Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP) and Test Driven Development (TDD)
Close Collaboration
SEO-ready digital product

Key Deliverables in Development Cycle

Fast Facts about Shinetech


Years of Software Development & App Development


Full-time Employees


On-time Project Delivery


Successful Projects Finished Since 2001


Offices Worldwide


Long-term Customer Collaborations


Core Services


Returning Clients

Jack Chen

Senior Full Stack Developer

Contact: 020 3170 8428

Jack Chen has over 20 years of technical experience in roles from software engineer, system analyst and project manager, after graduating with a civil engineering bachelor degree. In addition to proficiency of English and technology stacks, Jack has extensive experience in helping clients from various industries in the States, UK, and China, delivering web solutions (ASP.NET, Visual Studio, VB.NET, SQL, .NET, Umbraco, AngularJS and Web API), asset management system (C#), SaaS ERP system, data base solution (crime information system and OA for police officer school). He is the developer and UI designer for Shinetech’s recent solution for NHS staff mandatory learning online portal, using the new ASP.Net core, MVC core and EF core deployed in Azure Cloud.

Terry Shi

Senior Full Stack Developer

Contact: 020 3170 8430

Terry Shi, Shinetech’s senior software engineer with rich experience in Microsoft .Net framework development and agile project management, is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer Since 2011. Terry has 10 years experience in project development and 3 years in project management. In particular, Terry is dedicated into a range of computer and application frameworks, particularly highly experienced in database programming and query optimization (especially in SQL server). Terry has provided four years seamless and insightful IT diagnosis, analysis and support for a Swiss company, and more than 3 years providing data warehousing support and QA on a business application for controlling risks on every branch of a global well-known supermarket, based on ASP.Net MCV, SQL Server, IIS. Terry graduated in Taiyuan University of Technology, China, major in computer science and technology and a professional proficient English speaker.

Barts Health
NHS Trust

“Shinetech Europe has done an exceptional job of developing Interactive PDF for Barts Health NHS Trust. iPDF was delivered on time and on budget within 6 months of the Trust commissioning the product. iPDF is revolutionising the way our 16,000 staff complete their statutory and mandatory training. Barts Health NHS Trust has no hesitation in recommending Shinetech to the NHS.”

Jo Kobyluch

Associate Director of Education Academy at Barts Health NHS Trust

GolfScore LIVE

“From an initial idea Shinetech really helped me bring the product to life. You were instrumental in helping translate golf into technology in a simple way that everyone is now getting to enjoy.”

Christopher Cade

Founder of GolfScore-Live

Track Day Genius

“…Shinetech project manager is a true collaborator and central asset to the TDG team, often accompanying the stakeholders to Track events, to fully understand the user behavior and thus their expectations. Importantly, your project manager is not pretentious and is eager for team participation and feedback, a trait that is admirable and appreciated.”

Kofi Brenya

Product Manager at Track Day Genius


Depending on your requirements, the contract can be project-based, prioritized user story-based and workload-based. All types of contract can be cancelled within 10 working days if you are not satisfied with our performance or staff.

We commit to 100% on-time project delivery. You can request compensation if your project does not go-live according to the schedule set in the contract.

Our competitive rates, together with high successful rate of project delivery ensure that you can benefit from our high quality deliverables in a cost-efficient way.

A free consultation with our industry specialist is available. We will respond within one business day with a further evaluation regarding your requirements.

Try Shinetech for Free

Wondering if Shinetech is the right partner for you? Our 7-day risk-free trial allows you to evaluate our services.

Simply share with us a specific requirement, task, or sample of a typical part of your project such as a module or function point that needs further development. You’ll then be able to try our services a week to learn about our development approach, skillsets and other technology capabilities for free—all before signing a final contract.

Fill out the form on the right and start your project with Shinetech today! Our dedicated project manager will respond to you with further information as soon as we receive your request.


The Free Trial is not applicable to short term and one-off software development requirements, and Shinetech reserves the right to reject offering the free trial.

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